Jack Bliss

Recent Projects


Node.js, TypeScript, ReactJS, Postgress

Yomi Esports Betting

An Esports betting app, currently focused on Super Smash Bros. Melee. Yomi gives fans the opportunity to call upsets and demonstrate their love and knowledge of their favourite games by placing real-time, peer-to-peer bets on high level Esports. Currently uses play money, but we hope to expand to real money in the near future.

Earth Shaker Zectagon

JavaScript; Computer game for Studio-36

Earth Shaker Zectagon

Set in the near future, Earth Shaker Zectagon is an anime-inspired management sim that puts you in charge of an organisation responsible for defending Earth from the enigmatic and powerful Tantukaryotes. Build mechs, find allies and enemies, and solve the mystery of these monsters before the world is destroyed.

Skills and Interests


2:1 MEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Warwick

In my four years at Warwick I learned a great deal about computer hardware and software, and about electronics in general. It's where my curiosity for electronics and computing developed into a passion. The modules I undertook included

My third year individual project was recreating the TR-808 drum machine with a digital interface. My fourth year group project was modifying a 3D printer to print electrically conductive and magnetic materials. I also covered a broader range of cross-disciplinary engineering principles.

Web Developer

A self-taught developer fluent in JavaScript and PHP

When I first started programming as a teenager, I felt immediately that I had found something that would become a major part of my life. I wrote JavaScript and PHP for fun, following online tutorials, until through word of mouth I acquired my first few clients. These websites were designed by the clients (all of whom were artists of some description) and built to specification by me. This is how I learned to code and developed my programming skills.

Since then I have undertaken many more comercial, professional and personal programming projects, and have become closely familiar with a number of related languages and platforms, including:

Gamer and Designer

Passionate about good games

Like most people my age, I consider video games to be works of art, and I consider game design and development an art form. I believe that good games are built around gameplay first, with conceptual and narrative considerations following from that. I design video games to this philosophy, and I also enjoy playing and designing board games.

Contact Information

If you'd like a copy of my CV, to discuss a project you have in mind, or for more information about any of the projects detailed here, I can be contacted by email at info@jackbliss.co.uk.